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Luxury Handbag Brand? Steal this Idea!

Pamela Roskin

Fake bags give me the creeps.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about “ethical” fashion and really, these bags and how they are made are the opposite of principled fashion.

I believe that if designers owned NYC’s Canal Street’s “fake handbag” scene they would ultimately destroy the allure of the fakers.

So, I have a vision. A high-end fashion brand (Chanel, please?!) creates a pop-up boutique in a Canal Street stall. The shop would have rows of their real handbags displayed in a way that riffs its downmarket Chinatown counterfeit neighbors’ merchandise. But in a way that is oh so much more luxurious. 

It would be part commerce, part performance art. All publicity.  

I can’t decide whether the designer pop-up should have customers’ complete their shopping transaction in a dank basement or maybe even hand them their purchase in a black trash bag. What do you think?  Too much?  




Luxury. Silver. Jewelry.